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  Sites: Blanding

Town: Blanding

Observing site: Natural Bridges National Monument

Address: Natural Bridges Road, San Juan County, Utah

Contact person:  Jeffrey G. Olson, Ralph Jones

Telephone number:  (202) 208-6843 (Olsen), (435) 692-1234 ext. 13 (Jones)

Web sites: ;

Restrictions: Very few restrictions.  Park employees very helpful.

Directions: The entrance to Natural Bridges is at the end of Highway 275, which is roughly 35 miles west of Blanding, UT on Highway 95. Driving time from Blanding is roughly 45 minutes.   Park map  Google Maps

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How are the sky conditions?

Typical naked-eye magnitude limit on a clear, moonless night:
     At the zenith: 7
     East: 7
     West: 7
     North: 7
     South: 7

Best horizon: All!

Worst horizon:  None!

Comments from contributor:   Natural Bridges Park is the first "official dark-sky site" in the US. The area is surrounded by hills and mountains high enough to block any outside light from any nearby towns. You don't need to be "in the park, proper", because the surrounding hills blocking any light for miles, but the park site is safe and open to visitors. I stayed in Blanding (estimate 30 miles away to the east) and drove over. In fact, when I went back to the park center at 2am (once the moon set), I was alone, except for a small camper in the area.  The coke machine worked, and if I remember correctly, the bathrooms were accessible.

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