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Prince Edward Island



Town:  Brookvale

Observing Site:  Brookvale Provincial Park, PEI, Winter Activity Park

Address: Route #13

Postal Code: n/a

Contact person: n/a

Telephone number: n/a


Restrictions: none

Directions:  The centre is located on Route 13 between Hunter River and Crapaud, only 25 km from Charlottetown and just 1 km separates the Brookvale Winter Activity Park from the Nordic Centre.  If you reach the Brookvale Down Hill Ski park you've gone too far (just).  The Cross Country parking area is just to the west of the alpine area. There's a sign on the south side of the highway. You've got to follow a dirt road for a little ways to the parking area.   Click here to create a map using Mapquest.

How are the sky conditions?

Typical naked-eye magnitude limit on a clear, moonless night:
     At the zenith: 6
     East: 5, a bit of sky glow from the nearest city, Charlottetown
     West: 6
     North: 6
     South: 5+/-

Best horizon: Northwest

Worst horizon: Southeast

Comments from contributor:  At the time of this writing (Summer 2000) Brookvale is my little secret.  I've tried to convince other local astronomers to join me here without success. There are no nearby towns or homes, the traffic from the nearby highway is small and cut off from view. There is a nice 360 degree view, notwithstanding the city to the southeast. It's a flat clay parking area (not paved) it is virtual unused all year 'round except for a couple week of the year. HOWEVER, if there is a good winter skiing weather, all bets are off, as the lights of the downhill park light up the sky. This hasn't been a problem for the last few years. And still leaves ten months of the year for great observing.


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